Kanye West // All Falls Down ft. Lauryn Hill

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I feel very sad.

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this is what i just picked up from the grocery store. it cost $32. Thirty. two. dollars. for 1 pineapple, 2 bags of grapes, a small container of raspberries, 1 soft drink and 2/$1 nuts…. 
do you know how much junk food i could have for $32? do you have any clue how much McDonald’s you can get for $32?
stop shaming fat people poorer than you or people poorer than you in general for not eating healthier. stop lying about how cheap it is or how it’s comparable to fast food. just stop.


Where the fuck are you shopping?? Holy shit.
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Hobbiton, New Zealand (by Banan Tarr)
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Ugh, this is the shittiest feeling ever. Whatever.

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I miss my girlfriend.

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hey guess what. serial killers arent cool or interesting

Except for dexter

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I often forget I have nudes on here.